I am a full-time trader, trading the Dax (German Equity Index) via future contracts, options contracts and CFD’s on an intraday timeframe. My approach is to keep it simple. I use a systematic approach with clearly defined rules and strategies to define my edge in the market and attain consistent profitability. I believe in constant journaling with a focus on the trading process; execution strategies, goal setting and tracking.

My code consists of a Bruce Lee-ian approach to trading:
  • Research and question everything.
  • Absorb only what is rewarding and focus on perfecting it; Reject the rest.
  • Once you’re mature enough, give it a touch of your personal experience and needs.
  • Simplicity is key to brilliance.
My aim for point 2 in the code is to have a cat mindset: ''A cat and a fox discuss how many tricks and dodges they have in order to avoid their enemies. The fox boasts that he has many; the cat confesses to having only one. Just at that moment, they hear the cry of a pack of hounds coming their way. The cat immediately scampered up a tree and hid herself in the boughs. The fox lost in confusion, unable to choose between the plethora of all its tricks gets killed…''

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